Our Sizing Advantage

Not all blankets are created equal - at least not when it comes to us, so why compromise? Why should you have to go out and buy a new set of blankets or duvets/doonas when your children grow out of their Single bed and need a King Single or Double bed? Why should you have to buy a new set when you change your Double bed to a Queen or King? Our blankets are very generous in size and practical. What we sell as a  Queen size will cover a King, Queen or Double bed. What we sell as a King size will cover a King, Queen and Double bed as well as Super King*. See below for more details about Super King. What we sell as Single will cover Single, Single Extra Long and King Single. Forget about the frustration of unclipping or unzipping your duvet cover, yanking out the insert and then having to put it all back together again and aligning your duvet then having to constantly readjust it to straighten out the corners which have crammed up inside. Our blankets are machine washable, unique and made to last. Time to donate that old duvet and sleep easy?

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*A Super King blanket is 270x240cm whereas our King Size will cover 260x240cm. With this considered, a Super King mattress is 203x203cm so it will easily cover it with 57cm drape.